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Solid and man-made wooden products have long since been used with rotary machining. But they are fast becoming a popular choice for laser machine users too.

This material can be worked on a rotary machine, using carbide cutters.

As we use a CO2 laser to manufacture products for the The Garden Label & Sign Company. We are extremely excited about this product range. To see some of the products we have produced using wood from this category please watch the video. You’ll find the link above.

Some of the images shown in this product category and in the video, having been oiled. If you would like to use solid wood for outdoor use. We recommend the use of at least 6mm thickness. Also apply at least three coats of oil to ensure your solid wood products will last outdoors.

We recommend that solid wood less than 6mm thickness is only used for interior applications. Whilst 6mm+ thickness wood can be used outdoors. Just remember to treat the wood with a preserver.

Our UK sawmill supplier boasts:

We care deeply about our environment and insist that our wood suppliers carry industry approved 'green' accreditation.

This means that all the raw timber that we use is sourced only from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers - helping to protect this valuable resource.

  • Our Oak is from Europe (France).
  • Our Walnut is from America.
  • Our Maple is from Canada.
  • Our Cherry is from America.

  To find out more information on delivery charges on this product view our Help and Support.

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