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Plant Label Holders

Our Plant Label Holders are a product that we designed. They are available in a range of sizes and stem lengths.

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Plant Label Holders

Introducing our Plant Label Holders, a sophisticated and practical solution to showcase your plant labels with ease. Designed for effortless sliding and a secure fit, these holders provide a professional display for your garden labels or plaques.

Designed to hold labels made from plastic, metal, and wood, our steel holders offer versatile solutions for all your garden labelling needs.

Key Features:

  • Easy Sliding Design: Effortlessly slide your labels in and out with our user-friendly design, allowing for quick changes and updates.
  • Snug Fit for Security: Our holders are meticulously crafted to fit tightly, ensuring your labels stay securely in place, even in varying weather conditions.
  • Versatile Size Options: Choose from a range of holders that accommodate various label heights, providing flexibility for your unique garden labelling needs.
  • Diverse Stem Lengths: Tailor the look of your garden labels with holders available in different stem lengths, allowing you to achieve the perfect height for optimal visibility.
  • Unique Design Features: Our holders boast unique design features that not only enhance security but also add an elegant touch to your garden, creating a visually appealing display.


  1. Garden Labels and Plaques: Perfect for showcasing labels and plaques that provide essential information about your plants, adding both beauty and functionality to your garden.
  2. Botanical Gardens: Ideal for professional displays in botanical gardens, ensuring that plant information is presented securely and attractively.
  3. Nurseries and Greenhouses: Streamline organisation and presentation in nurseries and greenhouses with our holders, creating a polished look for plant identification.
  4. Educational Gardens: Enhance educational gardens by displaying labels securely, contributing to a well-organised and visually appealing learning environment.

Elevate your garden aesthetics with our Plant Label Holders, combining functionality and elegance in one solution.

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