Anodised Aluminium

We stock AA25 and AA15 Anodised Aluminium sheet. Both grades can be rotary engraved using carbide cutting tools and can be infilled using paint. This product features in our sample starter pack.

AA25 anodised aluminium is a product highly suited for outdoor applications, as the anodised surface is 25 microns thick. Whilst it is possible to create a laser etched mark on the coloured AA25 products. The Silver should be used with the markSolid 114 Laser marking spray to allow for a permanent black mark to be achieved.

AA15 can also be used outdoor. But consideration should be given, as the anodised surface is only 15 microns thick. This metal is highly suited for laser engraving, as the thinner anodised surface allows you to create a crisp white/grey contrast.

Our sheets can be supplied cut to a more manageable size. Once you’ve made your product selection. Choose from the cut to size dropdown, to select your preferred sheet size.

If the size you require is not listed, we can offer custom sizes. Please note custom sizes may be subject to an additional charge. Contact us for a quotation, by email or call 0845 9008 908.

  To find out more information on delivery charges on this product view our Help and Support.

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