Assorted Brushed Laminate Sample Swatch (Code: SW-BRS)

Price: 15.00 GBP
plus 20 % TAX plus shipping

Brushed Engraving Laminate Sample Swatch

If you are looking through our range of colours in this laminate and find there is too much choice or would like a closer look at a variety of finishes, then why not purchase a swatch with our full colour range in one place!

The dimensions of each coloured sample included in the swatch measures 75mm x 50mm.

Our Sample Brushed Swatch includes the following colour selection:

  • Black Surface, White Base
  • White Surface, Black Core, White Base
  • White Surface, Black Base
  • White Surface, Red Base
  • Green Surface, White Base
  • Red Surface, White Base
  • Blue Surface, White Base
  • Yellow Surface, Black Base