Snap Cap Sign Fixings

“Snap Caps” or screw caps, adds the ultimate "finishing touch" to your Engraved Signs & Plaques by disguising the screw head. Moulded from UV-stabilised polypropylene. They are available from stock in two colours. 

Snap-Caps are a 2-part product comprising of:

A 6/8 (3.5mm-4.2mm diameter) Plastic Countersunk Washer (or Collar), through which the screw or other fixing is inserted.

A 6/8 (3.5mm-4.2mm diameter) Plastic Cap.

Sold in bags of 100 pieces.  You will receive 100 collars and 100 caps.

Not only do they look great! But the cap and collar encases the screwhead in a water & air tight seal which prevents against corrosion. Once in place the caps are extremely difficult to remove, offering you greater security.

We also have available packs of 100, bright zinc plated screws, 3.5mm diameter x 50mm long; which fit our stocked range of caps and collars.

Find out how to use this by viewing this document.

*Bright Zinc Plated Screws sold seperately*

  To find out more information on delivery charges on this product view our Help and Support.

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