markSolid 114 Laser Metal Marking Spray, 300ml (Code: L/MARKSOLID114-SPRAY)

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Laser Metal Marking Spray



markSolid 114 Metal Marking Spray produces highly durable black marks on all metals.

The aerosol comes in a 300ml spray can and is sold with 2 nozzles to help you get a more cost effective application of the product!

Nozzle One produces a fine spray which is perfect for work on small areas

Nozzle Two produces a spray to cover a larger surface area. 

This produce should be your first choice if you are looking for an all-round product for metal marking.

It has a higher energy absorption to laser light (YAG and Co2). This makes it easier to mark on surfaces which need  more heat for marking: good heat conductors like Aluminium or Brass, also Chrome plated, Nickel plated, surfaces or high alloyed steel.

The coating (before marking) is just a layer of powder and it's easy to remove after marking (also dry removable)

The cans (valve and nozzle) do not clog, which means there is a reduction in waste by the need to operate the can upside down for cleaning valve and nozzle after use.

This product should coat  up to 2m².

This product works with both CO2 and YAG Lasers.

Sample Cans available upon request, call us for more details - 0845 9008 908.

For details on how to use this product safely & successfully visit our downloads page.


Mr Chris North , 29.07.2019
The product was well received and we are having great results so far. I am sure we will purchase again in the future.
Mr O'Donnell, Washington , 25.02.2019
I just wanted to give you some feedback about the mark solid.

I am over the moon very easy to work with and a great finish, my customer is delighted, it was a large polished stainless steel panel supplied by the customer so no room for error.

Once again thank you for the advice and great customer service and I look forward to buying more products from you.
Gary, Wedo Signs & Labels Ltd, 12.12.2017
We have only recently found you guys and had and order in for some laser marking spray and anodised aluminium and successfully managed to laser mark the material for a customer of which us and them were pleased with the results....
Andy, Brighton Engravers, 27.04.2017
I didn't get on with MarkSolid spray before because I always compared it with the results I got using Cermark tape, but for a 30 watt laser I had to run at 100% power and 3% speed to get a really good result. It may have needed this because I was using thicker stainless from an industrial source.

Having tried your stainless I tried your website suggestion of 90% power at 20% speed and the result was fabulous. Not only that but the A3 plaque with many logos plus text was finished in 40 minutes - compared to the five hours estimated with Cermark tape!!

Everyone is well pleased!

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