Coloured Acrylic 3mm, Bundle Pack (Code: ACR-PACK-FULL)

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Price: 110.00 GBP
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Acrylic Sheets

If you have never tried our Coloured Cast Acrylics before, this is the perfect opportunity to try out every colour option and find out which you enjoy working with the most.

We thought we would introduce a bundle pack, which contains every colour option available within our Coloured Cast Acrylic range.

Our Acrylic is a firm favourite with Engravers and is suitable for Rotary engraving, using Carbide Cutting Tools or Laser Engraving Machines.

Simply choose whether you would like a 'Full Sheet Bundle Pack' (sheets sized 1000mm x 500mm x 3mm) or a 'Half Sheet Bundle Pack' (sheets sized 500mm x 500mm x 3mm).

The bundle pack includes the following colours; Clear, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.