Our newly refurbished workshop is fully equipped to carry out a range of cutting & shaping services. We will work on all stocked materials. That is, acrylics, plastics laminate, metals and wood.

So the next time you have a cutting, shaping or laser engraving need, get in touch.

You will see from our website. We offer a complimentary cutting service of sheets, into half or quarters.     

But should you have a larger requirement for finished plates. Please contact us directly for a quotation.

Let us take you through the facilities we offer within our cutting shop...


  • Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1mm 
  •  1mm material lost during cut 
  •  Used on: Plastics and Metals <1.6mm thick (includes 0.9mm and 1.2mm Stainless Steel)



Varga Saw

  • Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1mm 
  • 3mm material lost during cut 
  •  Used on: Plastics, Metals, Acrylics and Wood <6mm thick



Panel Saw

  • Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1mm 
  • 3mm material lost during cut 
  • Used on: Plastics, Metals, Acrylics and Wood 



Laser Cutter

  • Cutting Tolerance: 100% Accurate 
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 10mm 
  • Used on: Plastics, Wood and Acrylics 
  • Maximum work area: 812mm x 457mm



Laser Engraver

  • File types accepted: JPEG, Coreldraw, PDF, PNG
  • Text, Images, Logos and QR Codes can all be engraved
  • Capable of working on all laserable products available from our webshop (including permanent marking onto all metals)
  • Maximum work area: 812mm x 457mm




  • Hole size: 2mm - 6.5mm diameter 
  • Hole options: Standard or Countersunk 
  • Used on: All materials except for Laserfoil




  • Bevel size can vary upon request 
  • Recommended for: Signage & Plaques 
  •  Used on: All stocked sheet materials >1mm thick (except Stainless Steel)



Corner Rounder

  • Size Options: 1/4" and 1/8" 
  • Recommended for: Business Cards 
  •  Used on: Plastics and Metals <1.6mm thick